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tape high aluminum coil stock TAIXING ALUMINUM Brand

tape high aluminum coil stock TAIXING ALUMINUM Brand

0.2- 15mm
H12 / H22 / H14 / H24 / H16 / H26 / O
1000-6000mm or above
Place Of Origin
Foshan, Guangdong, China
Production time
10-15 days
Payment Terms
Sample Delivery
three weeks (a week of mold + production sample for a week)
Company Advantages
1. The manufacture cost are more favorable in the market. As one of the unique feature, aluminum coil manufacturers successfully makes aluminum coil stock suppliers more popular among customers. The manufacture cost are more favorable in the market
2. Guangzhou Taixing Aluminum Co., Ltd., well-known for its superior quality, will provide first-class service. The profiles are covered by oxide layer, which are of high hardness and beautiful appearance
3. Whether you’ve never taken a aluminum coil stock to market before, or you know how difficult it is from experience, disruptive solutions are the key to success. OEM service is also provided by Taixing
4. aluminum trim coil have been improved on the basis of the old types and their aluminum trim coil stock features have been realized. Taixing is professional in producing aluminum plate, aluminum strip and all kinds of industrial profiles
5. Taixing aluminum products enjoy the features of high precision. Based on white aluminum coil stock technology, aluminium coil,aluminum foil duct tape has a wide application value.

Aluminum mesh is its regular aluminum strip product. It is not only artistic, durable, easy to install, but also environment-friendly, has been widely used in residential, industrial and decorative.


1.pollution-free / economic;

2. wide range of use:

Industrial applications, such as: air conditioning radiator.

Indoor applications, such as: walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens.

Application of accessories, such as handbags, clothing, footwear, beads

Product Parameters

 Product surface treatment

Tempering: H12 / H22 / H14 / H24 / H16 / H26 / O;
Thickness: 0.2- 15mm;
Width: 30-250mm;
Length: 1000-6000mm or above;
Thickness tolerance: + 0.05mm;
Width / length tolerance: + 2mm;
Minimum quantity: 5-10 tons;
Aluminum coil (hot roll material):1100,1050,1060,1070,3003,3005,3105.

Product Applications

Aluminum Coil

Aluminum mesh is a kind of mesh made of aluminum coil as raw material. It is processed by surface treatment, electroplating, spraying and gluing.
Color: red, pink, plum red, black, gold, silver, white, blue, green, purple, coffee, bronze.
Aluminum mesh surface is uniform and bright color, soft and light feeling, like metal scales and cloth like cloth can be changed freely, widely used, often used in handbags, clothing, ornaments, curtain, curtains and so on, fashion trend, elegant and beautiful, deeply loved by people; in the back over a layer of melt glue, can be cut into various patterns Different words are used as excipients to add the added value of the product.

Our office / factory

We Focus On
“One Belt One
Road” Countries.


Guangzhou Taixing Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in September 2008. After more than 10 years of construction and development, the Taixing aluminum industry has become a professional aluminum plate, aluminum strip and all kinds of industrial profiles integrated production enterprises with complete equipment, advanced technology and comprehensive products. The Guangzhou Taixing aluminum industry has a perfect quality management system. The product has the advantages of strong strength, high precision, coloring, welding, good cutting performance and good grades.
Taixing aluminum industry and mold development and design, manufacturing, material analysis, casting, extrusion, saw packaging to CNC, hardware deep processing and other integrated, professional production and processing of radiators, industrial aluminum, profile, circular pipe, square tube, fine pull aluminum rods and industrial high aluminum rods (round bars, square rods, special-shaped bars) and so on. The products are widely used in many industries and fields such as vehicles, packaging, printing, electronic and electrical appliances, elevators, machinery, communication, clothing, advertising, architectural decoration and so on, and are exported to the United States, Japan, European Union, Africa, new Canadian, Hongkong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Cooperation Client

packing & Services


Quality Assurance


In-kind shooting

 ◪ 1.pearl cotton, shrinkage film.

 ◪2.design reasonable packing according to the customer's packing requirement.

  3.production time: 10-15 days.

  4.sample delivery: three weeks (a week of mold + production sample for a week).

  5.sample design: we can get the window part of your pictures or samples best. We are mainly made according to your design, and we can keep your design confidential.

  6.  maximum extruder machine: 1800 tons; the minimum extruder: 500 tons.

  7.QC:ISO, SGS.

Company Features
1. Fully specialized in the R&D and production of aluminum coil stock, Guangzhou Taixing Aluminum Co., Ltd. is globally recognized.
2. There is strict testing for quality of aluminum trim coil to make satisfying products for customers.
3. Our aluminium coil have been well sold to all over the world known as its aluminum coil manufacturers. Get quote!

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